Marketing is the soul of enterprise . Paichi has been basing on its strategic guideline of global marketing , integrating features of Chinese market , establishing an operation and product research and development orientation complying with China’s national situation and setting up an effective sales organization system. At present , Paichi has set up braches and offices in Xi' an , Xinjiang , Taiyuan , Chengdu , Guangdong , Tianjin , Hefei and Harbin to administer the markets of northwest , southwest , Central China , South China , North China , East China and southeast with 2000 sales outlets . As a result , the primary and secondary market network pattern has taken into shape . Besides , our overseas business department has been engaging in business development and selling to Europe and USA through back selling to Taiwan .
Multiple marketing pattern and diversified channel construction have enabled paichi brand to have a leap growth in market development and product sales . Within several years ,the market pattern has been reshuttling and Paichi has been ranking first among its counterparts .