◆Enterprise tenet

To base on integrity as guideline and invigorating national industry as its duty and commit ourselves to the research ,development and manufacture and create China's product  brand of fuel kitchen appliance .

◆Enterprise core values

The prime mover of unified development of innovation spirit and enterprising attitude originates from innovation .The constant seeking of novelty and change and seeking after sustainable development is so –called "knowledge paying" much attention to steady efforts and down-to-earth implementation is so-called "practice" .The combination of "knowledge", and "practice" is the essential of innovation spirit and enterprising attitude . The realization of personal and company value and personal perfection as well as accomplishing of duties and obligations to the society and human being , will result in the embodiment of individual , company and society .

◆Operation conception

  Marketing conception : Products sale after reputation promotion
  Product conception : the quality shall be in phase with the world .
  Talent conception : Talent is the primary productivity .
  Service conception : To warm the globe with service .